Shakespeare in Connotations: A Journal for Critical Debate

More than 80 contributions on Shakespeare have appeared in the first seventeen volumes of Connotations (1991-2009). This list is almost complete; highlighted articles and responses are freely available online.

All's Well That Ends Well:

Levin, Richard A. "The Opening of All's Well That Ends Well." Connotations 7.1 (1997/98): 18-32.

Styan, J. L. "All's Well That Ends Well: On Seeing and Hearing the Opening Scene." Connotations 7.2 (1997/98): 215-18.

Antony and Cleopatra:

Cheney, Donald. "A very Antony: Patterns of Antonomasia in Shakespeare." Connotations 4.1-2 (1994/95): 8-24.

Leimberg, Inge. "The Scarus-Episode in Antony and Cleopatra: A Response to Roy Battenhouse, Shakespearean Tragedy." Connotations 4.3 (1994/95): 251-65.


Brown, John Russell. "Multiplicity of Meaning in the Last Moments of Hamlet." Connotations 2.1 (1992): 16-33.

Mehl, Dieter. "Hamlet's Last Moments: A Note on John Russell Brown." Connotations 2.2 (1992): 182-85.

Charney, Maurice. "The Rest Is Not Silence: A Reply to John Russell Brown." Connotations 2.2 (1992): 186-89.

Brown, John Russell. "Connotations of Hamlet's Final Silence." Connotations 2.3 (1992): 275-86.

Klein, Holger. "Hamlet and After." Connotations 3.1 (1993/94): 56-59.

DiMatteo, Anthony. "Hamlet: Reconstructing a Lost Code of Meaning." Connotations 6.1 (1996/97): 158-79.

Magnus, Laury. "Tragic Closure in Hamlet." Connotations 11.2-3 (2001/2002): 180-200.

Henry IV:

Kinney, Arthur F. "Shakespeare's Falstaff as Parody." Connotations 12.2-3 (2002/2003): 105-25.

Laird, David. "Falstaff's Vocation: A Response to Arthur F. Kinney." Connotations 13.1-2 (2003/2004): 23-31.

Henry V:

Crosman, Robert. "The Pivotal Position of Henry V in the Rise and Fall of Shakespeare's Prose." Connotations 2.1 (1992): 1-15.

Hussey, Stanley. "A Comment on Robert Crosman, 'The Pivotal Position of Henry V in the Rise and Fall of Shakespeare's Prose.'" Connotations 2.3 (1992): 257-62.

Barish, Jonas. "Hal, Falstaff, Henry V, and Prose." Connotations 2.3 (1992): 263-68.

Crosman, Robert. "Words, Weapons, and Role-players: A Reply to Stanley Hussey." Connotations 3.1 (1993/94): 48-51.

Crosman, Robert. "Generalization Must Be, but Woe unto the Generalizer: A Reply to Jonas Barish." Connotations 3.1 (1993/94): 52-55.

King John:

Battenhouse, Roy. "Religion in King John: Shakespeare's View." Connotations 1.2 (1991): 140-49.

Billington, Sandra. "A Response to Roy Battenhouse, 'Religion in King John: Shakespeare's View.'" Connotations 1.3 (1991): 290-92.

Hobson, Christopher Z. "A Comment on Roy Battenhouse, 'Religion in King John: Shakespeare's View.'" Connotations 2.1 (1992): 69-75.

Battenhouse, Roy. "On King John: An Answer to Billington and Hobson." Connotations 2.2 (1992): 172-81.

Morgan, Val. "Camusian Revolt and the Making of Character: Falconbridge in Shakespeare's King John." Connotations 11.2-3 (2001/2002): 146-65.


Robertson, Lynne M. "Getting A Head In A Warrior Culture: Shakespeare's Macbeth and the Problem of Identity." Connotations 7.1 (1997/98): 33-43.

Leimberg, Inge. "Shakespeare De-witched: A Response to Stephen Greenblatt." Connotations 11.1 (2001/2002): 60-77

Derdzinski, Mark. "'Invisible Bullets': Unseen Potential in Stephen Greenblatt's New Historicism." Connotations 11.2-3 (2001/2002): 272-90.

The Merchant of Venice:

Rosen, Alan. "Impertinent Matters: Lancelot Gobbo and the Fortunes of Performance Criticism." Connotations 8.2 (1998/99): 217-31.

Rosenheim, Judith."Making Friends of Stage and Page: A Response to Alan Rosen." Connotations 9.3 (1999/2000): 257-68.

Egan, Gabriel. "Gilding Loam and Painting Lilies: Shakespeare's Scruple of Gold." Connotations 11.2-3 (2001/2002): 165-79.

A Midsummer Night's Dream:

Crosman, Robert. "What is the Dream in A Midsummer Night's Dream?" Connotations 7.1 (1997/98): 1-17.

Laird, David. "'If we offend, it is with our good will': Staging Dissent in A Midsummer Night's Dream." Connotations 12.1 (2002/2003): 35-51.

The Phoenix and Turtle:

Gillham, Christiane. "'Single Nature's Double Name': Some Comments on The Phoenix and Turtle." Connotations 2.2 (1992): 126-36.

Milward, Peter. "'Double Nature's Single Name': A Response to Christiane Gillham." Connotations 3.1 (1993/94): 60-63.

Sims, James H. "Shakespeare's 'The Phoenix and the Turtle': A Reconsideration of 'Single Natures Double Name.'" Connotations 3.1 (1993/94): 64-71.

Gillham, Christiane. "Single Natures Double Name: A Reply to Peter Milward and James H. Sims." Connotations 3.2 (1993/94): 123-28.

The Sonnets:

Sams, Eric. "Who was the Rival Poet of Shakespeare's Sonnet 86?" Connotations 8.1 (1998/99): 127-33.

Brown, John Russell. "Cold Monuments: Three Accounts of the Reception of Poetry." Connotations 9.1 (1999/2000): 34-42.

Cheney, Donald. "Response to John Russell Brown." Connotations 9.1 (1999/2000): 43-45.

Malpezzi, Frances. "Living Temples and Extemporal Song." Connotations 9.1 (1999/2000): 46-50.

Wardi, Eynel. "Cold Monuments Animated: A Receptive Response to John Russell Brown." Connotations 9.1 (1999/2000): 51-56.

Semler, Liam. "Well-Wishing Adventurers: Shakespeare's Sonnets and Narrative Poems by A. D. Cousins and Recent Responses to Shakespeare's Non-Dramatic Verse." Connotations 9.3 (1999/2000): 248-56.

Titus Andronicus:

Taylor, Anthony Brian. "Lucius, The Severely Flawed Redeemer of Titus Andronicus." Connotations 6.2 (1996/97): 138-57.

Bate, Jonathan. "'Lucius, the Severely Flawed Redeemer of Titus Andronicus': A Reply." Connotations 6.3 (1996/97): 330-33.

Hunt, Maurice. "Exonerating Lucius in Titus Andronicus: A Response to Anthony Brian Taylor." Connotations 7.1 (1997/98): 87-93.

Kolin, Philip C."'Lucius, the Severely Flawed Redeemer of Titus Andronicus': A Reply." Connotations 7.1 (1997/98): 94-96.

Taylor, Anthony Brian. "Lucius, Still Severely Flawed: A Response to Jonathan Bate, Maurice Hunt, and Philip Kolin." Connotations 7.1 (1997/98): 97-103.

Kane, Daniel. "The Vertue of Spectacle in Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus." Connotations 10.1 (2000/2001): 1-17.

Fitzpatrick, Joan. "Foreign Appetites and Alterity: Is there an Irish Context for Titus Andronicus?" Connotations 11.2-3 (2001/2002): 127-45.

Troilus and Cressida:

Dayley, Glenn. "Beneath the Surface: Motives for Rhetoric and Action in Troilus and Cressida. A Response to Vernon Loggins et al." Connotations 11.2-3 (2001/2002): 262-71.

Twelfth Night

Leimberg, Inge. "'M.O.A.I.' Trying to Share the Joke in Twelfth Night 2.5 (A Critical Hypothesis)." Connotations 1.1 (1991): 78-95.

Brown, John Russel. "More About Laughing at 'M.O.A.I.' A Response to Inge Leimberg." Connotations 1.2 (1991): 187-90.

Leimberg, Inge. "Maria's Theology and Other Questions. An Answer to John Russell Brown." Connotations 1.2 (1991): 191-96.

Bauer, Matthias. "Count Malvolio, Machevill and Vice." Connotations 1.3 (1991): 224-43.

Tobin, J. J. M. "A Response to Matthias Bauer, 'Count Malvolio, Machevill and Vice.'" Connotations 2.1 (1992): 76-81.

Fowler, Alastair. "Maria's Riddle." Connotations 2.3 (1992): 269-70.

Bauer, Matthias. "A Note in Reply to Alastair Fowler." Connotations 2.3 (1992): 271-74.

Dean, Paul. "The Harrowing of Malvolio: The Theological Background of Twelfth Night, Act 4, Scene 2." Connotations 7.2 (1997/98): 203-14.

The Winter's Tale:

Muir, Kenneth. "A Comment on the Naming of Characters in The Winter's Tale." Connotations 2.3 (1992): 287-90.

Leimberg, Inge. "An Answer to Kenneth Muir." Connotations 2.3 (1992): 291-94.

Collmer, Robert G. "A Collection of Toothpicks from The Winter's Tale to Leviathan." Connotations 3.1 (1993/94): 13-25.

Laird, David. "Competing Discourses in The Winter's Tale." Connotations 4.1-2 (1994/95): 25-43.

Hunt, Maurice. "Modern and Postmodern Discourses in Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale: A Response to David Laird." Connotations 5.1 (1995/96): 83-94.

Greenblatt, Stephen and David Laird. "'Competing Discourses in The Winter's Tale': Two Letters." Connotations 5.1 (1995/96): 125-27.

Laird, David. "An Answer to Maurice Hunt's 'Modern and Postmodern Discourses in Shakespeare's The Winter's Tale.'" Connotations 6.2 (1996/97): 246-50.

M. M. Mahood, Shakespeare's Wordplay: Some Reappraisals:

Leimberg, Inge. "Introducing the Subject." Connotations 6.1 (1996/97): 1-2.

Laird, David. "The Magic of M. M. Mahood's Shakespeare's Wordplay." Connotations 6.1 (1996/97): 3-7.

Hunt, Maurice. "Poetry vs. Plot in The Winter's Tale: Modernity and Morality in M. M. Mahood's Shakespeare's Wordplay." Connotations 6.1 (1996/97): 8-18.

Gibbons, Brian. "Doubles and Likenesses-with-difference: The Comedy of Errors and The Winter's Tale." Connotations 6.1 (1996/97): 19-40.

Muir, Kenneth. "Remembrance of Things Past." Connotations 6.1 (1996/97): 41-45.

Mahood, M. M. "'Shakespeare's Wordplay--Some Reappraisals': A Reply." Connotations 6.2 (1996/97): 135-37.

Editing Shakespeare:

Spevack, Marvin. "The End of Editing Shakespeare." Connotations 6.1 (1996/97): 78-85.

Foakes, R. A. "The Need for Editions of Shakespeare: A Response to Marvin Spevack." Connotations 6.3 (1996/97): 326-29.

Kind, Nicholas. "A Letter in Reply to Marvin Spevack, 'The End of Editing Shakespeare.'" Connotations 7.2 (1997/98): 219.

Catholic Shakespeare?

Honigmann, E. A. J. "Catholic Shakespeare? A Response to Hildegard Hammerschmidt-Hummel." Connotations 12.1 (2002/2003): 52-60.

Hammerschmidt-Hummel, Hildegard. "The most important subject that can possibly be": A Reply to E. A. J. Honigmann." Connotations 12.2-3 (2002/2003): 155-66.

Merriam, Thomas. "A Letter in Response to 'Catholic Shakespeare.'" Connotations 13.1-2 (2003/2004): 103-04.

Honigmann, Ernest. "'Catholic Shakespeare?' A Letter in Response to Thomas Merriam" Connotations 13.3 (2003/2004): 270.


Sams, Eric. "'If you have tears . . .': Oxford and Onions." Connotations 1.2 (1991): 181-86.

Taylor, Anthony Brian. "Melting Earth and Leaping Bulls: Shakespeare's Ovid and Arthur Golding." Connotations 4.3 (1994/95): 192-206.

Battenhouse, Roy. "On Puzzling Shakespeare by Leah Marcus." Connotations 1.2 (1991): 197-203.

Milward, Peter. "Towards an Understanding of Christianity in Shakespeare: In Memory of Roy Battenhouse." Connotations 5.1 (1995/96): 76-82.

Hunt, Maurice. "Old England, Nostalgia, and the 'Warwickshire' of Shakespeare's Mind." Connotations 7.2 (1997/98): 159-80.

Hassell Jr., Chris. "Shakespeare's 'Removed Mysteries.'" Connotations 7.3 (1997/98): 355-67.

Gibbons, Brian. "The Madness of George III: Shakespeare, the History Play and Alan Bennett." Connotations 8.1 (1998/99): 1-21.

Regard, Frédéric. "Scholarship and Its Phantoms: Anthony Burgess's Shakespeare and 'fin de siècle' Conceptions of Genius." Connotations 9.2 (1999/2000): 160-66.

Lobb, Edward. "The Turn of the Screw, King Lear, and Tragedy." Connotations 10.1 (2000/2001): 31-46.

Egan, Gabriel. "Gilding Loam and Painting Lilies: Shakespeare's Scruple of Gold." Connotations 11.2-3 (2001/2002): 165-79.


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