Teresa Carl


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Room:019, basement floor, Auf der Morgenstelle 5

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Aim of the study

My master thesis is about the impact of the effluent of two different wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) and stormwater overflow basins (SOB) on gammarid populations: WWTP Langwiese and SOB Mariatal are located at the Schussen river near Ravensburg, while WWTP and SOB Lustnau are located at the Neckar river in Tübingen. These are totally different WWTPs. The WWTP Langwiese has a powdered activated carbon stage, while the WWTP Lustnau is still a conventional treatment plant without additional upgrades. Currently, there is a debate about the need of an upgrading with an additional purification step at this treatment plant. My study could show the negative effect of the effluent from the WWTP Lustnau compared to the already upgraded WWTP Langwiese. Gammarids were sampled up- and downstream of each WWTP and SOB to analyse different life-history-trait assessments (fecundity index, sex ratio) and gammarids health status (oxidative stress). Furthermore, gammarids were exposed in tea strainers with black alder leaves for three weeks at the different sampling sites to test the feeding rate.