Keynote Speakers


Prof. Dr. John Hamilton, Harvard University, USA, Professor of German and Comparative Literature; Chair of the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures

Prof Dr. Onora O’Neill, Baroness O’Neill of Bengarve, University of Cambridge, UK, Professor em. of Philosophy, Crossbench Member of the House of Lords


Prof. Dr. Charles Raab, University of Edinburgh, UK, Professor of Government, School of Social and Political Science


Prof. Dr. Rainer Treptow, Tuebingen University, Germany, Professor for Educational Science



20 minutes presentation, 10 minutes discussion


Session 1: Value Discourses in the Face of [In]-Securities


Session 2: What Is Security? Unconventional Approaches


Session 3: Blind Spots and Sore Points in Security Discourses


Session 4: (Post)Conflict Societies: Security and Ethics


Session 5: "Enemies of the State": Securities and Vulnerabilities


Session 6: Security Technologies in the Face of Value Discourses