A think tank for the Scottish Parliament [ At the Institute of Governance in Edinburgh ]

Secretary: So apart from ... that that's the only bit of teaching that we do here, and apart from that the Institute of Governance was really set up at the time after we got our Scottish Parliament. It's a kind of a think tank for the parliament, and we do quite a lot of research. So, probably what we do most of is research. And the work that I was taken on for was a particular project about identity, after our parliament, after devolution, a five year project to find out how identity ... how it affects ... how identity affects it ... academic work, or schools, universities, institutions. We're still doing the project, so we haven't come out with ... we're writing the results at the moment, so.
Sabine: So, is that Scottish identity?
Secretary: Scottish identity. Well, we're also doing it with English, English as well. But it concentrates on what's happening in Scotland.
Sabine: That's really interesting.
Secretary: Yes, it is quite interesting.
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