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attempto! 46:

- Advanced Technology Breathes Life into Historical Data

- When Molecular Motors Waltz

- The Future of Medicine

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Universities for openess, tolerance and against xenophobia

Universities for openess, tolerance and against xenophobia
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Press Releases

Active and Inactive Cells in the Brain’s Memory System

Tübingen neuroscientists are the first to find evidence of differing morphology in neurons


Tübingen researchers develop inhibitors for autoimmune-relevant enzyme

Highly selective new JAK3 inhibitors may offer new treatments for autoimmune conditions


Ancient toothed turtles survived until 160m years ago

International research team discovers remnant teeth in Jurassic fossil from Xinjiang


The birth of massive stars is accompanied by strong luminosity bursts

Astronomers of the Universities of Tübingen and Vienna are investigating the basic principles of the formation of stars


Significant Bronze Age city discovered in Northern Iraq

Archeologists from the University of Tübingen perform excavation work just 45 kilometers from IS territory – the settlement may have been an outpost of the Akkadian Empire.


Emmy Noether Programme Grant for Tübingen Neuroscientist

Dr. Ivana Nikić of Tübingen’s Werner Reichardt Centre for Integrative Neuroscience (CIN) has successfully applied with the DFG’s Emmy Noether Programme. She will use her grant of ca. 1.3 million Euros over five years to further...


Tübingen hosts master of virtual drug design

Finland’s Antti Poso is the new Distinguished Guest Professor