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In October 2010 the University of Tuebingen formed a joint faculty of Economics and Social Sciences that includes the departments of historical & cultural anthropology, educational science, political science, sociology, sports science, and the school of business and economics. At the moment more than 60 Professors do research and teach more than 5.000 students at our faculty. You are more than welcome to discover our website in order to get an impression of the great variety of teaching and research topics that our faculty offers.




für die W1-Professur Fachdidaktik des Sports


Early childhood education and care in Germany: Unequal use and benefits for parents

Topaktuell: Antrittsvorlesung der Soziologin Prof. Dr. Pia Schober liefert neue Erkenntnisse zur Expansion der frühkindlichen Bildung und Betreuung in Deutschland


The complementary use of experiments and field data to evaluate performance management practices

Antrittsvorlesung von Prof. Dr. Patrick Kampkötter liefert interessante Erkenntnisse über Belohnungssysteme in Unternehmen


IJRM Best Paper Award für Dominik Papies und Nils Wlömert

On-demand streaming services and music industry revenues - Insights from Spotify's market entry"


Antrittsvorlesung von Ernst Seidl und Thomas Thiemeyer

Thomas Thiemeyer und Ernst Seidl bedenken die Zukunft von Sammlungen und Museen


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