New essay rotation student David Hoffmann

As part of his GTC studies he is doing his essay rotation in our lab.


We have a new lab rotation student: Jan Lause

He is studying at the GTC Tübingen and does his lab rotation in our lab.


New journal article published

Title: "Methods and measurements to compare men against machines" by Wichmann, F. A., Janssen, D. H. J., Geirhos, R., Aguilar, G., Schütt, H. H., Maertens, M., and Bethge, M.


Tom Wallis: New abstract accepted as a poster at ECVP from 27.08.-31.08.2017 in Berlin

Title: "Matching peripheral scene appearance using deep features: Investigating image-specific variance and contributions of spatial attention" by Thomas S. A. Wallis, Christina M. Funke, Alexander S. Ecker, Leon A. Gatys, Felix A. Wichmann, Matthias Bethge


New article accepted in "Journal of Vision"

Title: "An Image-computable Psychophysical Spatial Vision Model" by Heiko H. Schütt and Felix A. Wichmann


New article published in the journal "Psychological Review"

Title: "Likelihood-Based Parameter Estimation and Comparison of Dynamical Cognitive Models" by Heiko H. Schütt, Lars O. M. Rothkegel, Hans A. Trukenbrod, Sebastian Reich, Felix A. Wichmann & Ralf Engbert


Robert Geirhos uploaded a new article to arXiv

Title: "Comparing deep neural networks against humans: object recognition when the signal gets weaker" by Robert Geirhos, David H. J. Janssen, Heiko H. Schütt, Jonas Rauber, Matthias Bethge, and Felix A. Wichman

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