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The LEAD Graduate School & Research Network at the University of Tübingen is an international, interdisciplinary research and training program on education.



LEAD Midterm Report

We proudly present the LEAD Midterm Report, where you will find all relevant information about LEAD.



Elected President

Prof. Dr. Kai Sassenberg heads the European Association of Social Psychology (EASP)


ISLS Fellows Program

Paul Kirschner installed as inaugural fellow


New publication

Special issue on experimental, computational, and corpus-based approaches to language learning


For more information, see News and Press Review.



Reproducible Science and Research Integrity Policy



Upcoming Events


Studium Generale

Prof. Dr. Benjamin Fauth

Was macht guten Unterricht aus?

Donnerstag, 27.7., 18:15, Kupferbau HS 21

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