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On these pages you can find general information about the Center and get an overwiev over the study options offered and the contents of the respective programmes. You can also get to know our staff and get acquainted with all the facets of studying Islamic Theology in Tuebingen.


The Center offers an eight-semester B.Theol. programme, which conveys broad and high-quality professional knowledge and methodological skills. A 2-semester M.A. programme "Islamic Theology in a european Context" for our B.A. graduates is also offered. We also offer a programme for prospective teachers. In addition, the Center offers a PhD and a habilitation programme.


The teaching at the Center for Islamic Theology is devided into the following areas:


  • Qur'anic Exegesis
  • Hadīth and Prophetic Tradition
  • Islamic Doctrine
  • Islamic Law (sources and methodology of law, history of law)
  • Islamic History and Contemporary Culture
  • Islamic Religious Education
  • Islamic Philosophy, Mysticism and Ethics
  • Inter-religious Studies
  • Arabic Language

Teaching and research in these areas is carried out by four professors as well as some visiting professors and part-time lecturers. Another important element of the programme is a thorough knowledge or the Arabic language to enable our students to deal with the source material in an adequate manner.


Students of Islamic Theology will be given the chance to spend one semester abroad in one of our partner institutions all over the Arabic world.


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Secretariat Gabriele Müller+49 7071 29-75390
Iris Dreher+49 7071 29-74892
Speaker RequestsAbdelaali El Maghraoui+49 7071 29-75395


Center for Islamic Theology

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