The Platform Environmental Systems Analysis links the existing research groups in the field of environmental research at the University of Tübingen: The natural and applied sciences (geo- & environmental science, chemistry, biology, physics), but in addition also social sciences and economics, ethics and law. The platform addresses a broad range of relevant and highly interdisciplinary environmental research challenges.

Research projects (--> Research Areas) are conducted in an interdisciplinary manner and in cooperation with national research laboratories, ministries, environmental agencies & regulators, small and medium sized enterprises, industry and industry associations. Upcoming research themes are taken up rapidly and tackled by interdisciplinary research groups.


The Platform acts as a contact point for members from academia, industry, and policy with respect to environmentally, economically and scientifically relevant topics. Results and achievements are presented to the public and students during regular thematic workshops, symposia and courses.



International Workshop

Innovation in Modelling Coupled Natural and Human Systems Related to Water, May 31st and June 1st, 2017.

Platform spokesperson

Prof. Carolin Huhn

Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry

Auf der Morgenstelle 18

D-72076 Tübingen

Tel: +49-7071-29-75655


Platform coordinator

Dr. Hermann Rügner

Centre for Applied Geosciences

Keplerstraße 17

D-72074 Tübingen

Tel.: +49-7071-29-75041