Cost of living in Tuebingen

Despite being a comparatively small city, Tuebingen unfortunately is an expensive place to live in. Rents especially are among the highest in the country. You should expect to spend at least 850 € / month when living here (as a single person).


Short list of main costs:


- 350 - 600 € for rent (dorm rooms for PhD students / private 1 room apartments)

- 650 - 1.000 € for rent (two/three room apartment)

- 150 - 200 € for food

- 60 - 180 € for health insurance

- and other costs of daily living



If you will need a residence permit to stay in Germany, you will have to provide proof of sufficient financial means. For a single person, the official requirement is 499 € + cost of rent + health insurance (2016).


Please note that particularly the first two months will be expensive because you might need to buy things like household items, tickets for public transportation/a bike, apply for a residence permit etc. However, of course your expenditures also depend on your individual lifestyle.



rental costs

The following fees may not be included in your rent – please read your rental contract carefully to see what is included, e.g.


- electricity

- heating

- water

- waste collection

- etc.


Furthermore, everybody needs to pay the public broadcast fee “Rundfunkbeitrag” (17.50 € / month). This fee is mandatory even if you don’t watch German TV or listen to the radio.