Division III – Student Affairs and Studies

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Division III – Student Affairs and Studies is responsible for the strategic and conceptional direction of Student Affairs and Studies at the University of Tübingen. We also offer events, courses and advice for students, teaching staff, doctoral students, and employees of any faculty.


Our special areas

  • We support faculty representatives in all matters pertaining to the development of study programs.
  • We offer advanced training and qualifications for teaching staff at the University of Tübingen.
  • We provide academic advanced training programs for those already in work.
  • We run courses for students as part of the Studium Professionale (Career Service), the Writing Center and the Studio Literatur und Theater.
  • Advice and coaching for those launching a career and liaising with business are also among our key tasks.
  • We are responsible for University-wide projects aimed at improving study conditions and raising the quality of teaching; these include the ESIT program.
  • Appointments in the area of Student Affairs and Studies are our concern.
  • And we plan and organize events such as the Tigers Career Day and the Long Night Against Procrastination.



Function Contact person Phone
Division Director         Lucia Vennarini +49 7071 29-74206

Deputy Directors

Thomas Bonenberger
Tim Schöne

+49 7071 29-76841
+49 7071 29-76449

Secretariat Hélène Rondeau +49 7071 29-77716
Secretariat Sonja Langenmair
Mo. all day
Di.+Do. mornings
Mi. afternoons
+49 7071 29-77727
Secretariat Gaby Mohl
Di.+Do. afternoons
Mi. mornings
Fr. all day
+49 7071 29-77727



Division III Student Affairs and Studies

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+49 7071 29-77716

+49 7071 29-77727


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