Senior Staff

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DirectorDr. Karl Guido Rijkhoek

+49 7071  29 -76788


Mobile: +49 1520 1517079


Deputy Director


 Antje Karbe

+49 7071 29-76789


Mobile: +49 173 5482335


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Office, issue of conference

folders, University of Tübingen

USB sticks, maps and

information brochures

(order via E-mail)

Eva Crosson+49 7071 29-77851

Media, Information and Research Reporting

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Media relations,

press releases,

mediation of academic spokespeople,

editor of attempto!

Antje Karbe

+49 7071 29-76789


Mobile: +49 173 5482335

Research reporting,

web editing for research,

editing of the Annual Report

Janna Eberhardt+49 7071 29-77853

Web Editing and Internal Communication

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Web editing and internal communication, newsletter "Uni Tübingen Aktuell", Social Media

Maximilian von Platen +49 7071 29-77854

Web editing, internal communication, Newsletter "Uni Tübingen Aktuell", infoscreens DSB, Social Media

Johannes Baral 


+49 7071 29-76792

Web editing, website relaunch N.N. +49 7071 29-76729  

Web editing, website relaunch 

Mareike Manzke

+49 7071 29-77846

Event Management and Alumni

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Coordination of University of Tübingen central administration events, alumni events,

Services for Alumni

Simona Steeger


+49 7071 29-77825
Event organisationHeike Kohler+49 7071 29-77828


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Marketing, merchandising (Uni shop), corporate design, corporate publishing

Volker Kurz+49 7071 29-76933

Contact person at the Uni shop

Shop hours:

Monday to Friday 10.30am – 3pm

Petra Polenz +49 7071 29-77499

Corporate Design, Corporate Publishing

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Central publications of the University, corporate design support         

Elke Neudert

(Mon, Tues, Wed)

+49 7071 29-75207

Central publications of the University, corporate design support

Gabriele von Briel

(Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri)

+49 7071 29-75207


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German-English translations of current research reporting by the Public Relations Department, Central Administration websites, and information materials


Amanda Crain+49 7071 29-76795


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Photography, photo archive                                                              

Friedhelm Albrecht+49 7071 29-77747


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Assistance with media relations, editing, marketing, alumni and other events         

Susanne Zahn+49 7071 29-76724