International Office

Division V – International Office

Section 2 - Advising and Admission of International Students

D-72074 Tübingen
Nauklerstasse 2



No office hours will be held from July 16th to August 3rd, 2018. We are busy processing applications.

Exception: During office hours Ms. Hahne's office (room 8) is open for departing exchange students.

Office Hours:
Monday: 1 pm – 3:30 pm
Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 8:30 am – 11:30 am

If you would like to contact us by phone, please call us outside the walk-in office hours mentioned above. Alternatively you can send an e-mail to studyspam or, should you have questions concerning a master course, study.masterspam .

Division Head

Counseling, application advice;
international-focus degrees; fellowships for completion of degree;
advice for current and prospective PhD students

Mr. Dr. Reinhard Brunner (Mr.)
Phone: +49 7071 29 72937



Acceptance of applications

Ms. Martina Reitz
Phone: +49 7071 29 76833

Application advice; applications and admissions for Master degrees

Ms. Christiane Topp
Phone: +49 7071 29 76846

Application advice, applications and admissions international students for all Master degrees and for first and higher graduate program

Mrs. Laura Daza Enciso
Phone: +49 7071 29 76847

Application advice and admission of international students;
admissions of all foreign students
applying for courses without restricted admission;
admission of EU citizens in their first or higher semester
and EU citizens applying for restricted-admission courses;
admissions of scholarship holders and non-degree study visits.

Ms. Anette Völkel
Phone: +49 7071 29 77735

Application advice; applications and admissions for non-EU students
applying for restricted-admission courses

Mrs. Agnes Wiglusch
Phone: +49 7071 29 77492

Admissions Officer and Student Adviser
(for International Students)

- ERASMUS and Exchange Programmes

Ms. Simone Hahne
Phone: +49·7071·29·77734