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Alumni (the plural of latin alumnus/alumna, pupil) – are all the former members of the University of Tübingen: students, graduates, employees, emeritae and emeriti, in Germany and all over the world.

The alumni society ALUMNI TÜBINGEN aims to maintain contact between the University and its former members, to promote exchange between them and to enable greater contact between the alumni themselves.

ALUMNI TÜBINGEN supports the Faculties’ contacts with their former members and helps ensure that graduates and former students continue to benefit from their association with the University after they have moved on. The society functions as:

• A forum for knowledge transfer and the exchange of information

• A link to the latest research and current developments in higher education

• A source of further education and lifelong learning

• A network for mutual support and exchange
More than 10,000 former University members are active in ALUMNI TÜBINGEN. The outstanding contributions of these alumni to the economy, science and academia, politics and society also help to shape the identity of the University of Tübingen, reinforcing its excellent reputation both domestically and abroad.
As a member of ALUMNI TÜBINGEN, you can give back the benefit of your knowledge and professional experience, helping the University in a very personal and active way by becoming involved in the further development of research and teaching.

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