TAD article delivery

TAD = "Tübinger AufsatzlieferDienst" is a free article delivery service provided by the university library for members of staff of the University of Tübingen. We deliver a scanned version of articles from periodicals and festschrifts which are in our collection and are not available online.


Who can order?

You can send an order if you are a member of staff of the University of Tübingen. 


TAD orders using our catalogue

  • Switch from the red library catalogue to the blue catalogue by clicking on the link "Alternative OPAC (for TAD)" at the bottom left of the BIBLIOTHEKSKATALOG page.
  • Search the blue catalogue for the periodical which contains the required article, checking to see if an online-version is also listed. If so, please follow the link provided to access the online version of the journal.
  • If the periodical is held by the university library, please click on "Show availability" beneath the title.
  • The next screen shows details of each volume of the periodical.
  • At the top of the screen you will find a button "Tübinger Aufsatzlieferdienst" which will take you to the order form (in German).
  • The periodical's title and shelf number is automatically inserted into the form.
  • Please add the details of your article (author, title of article, volume/year of the periodical, page number) as well as your email address. Please make sure that the email address you provide is correct, otherwise you will not receive the article! Please provide your office telephone number so that we may reach you if we have any questions. 
  • Now choose which format (PDF or TIFF) and delivery method (email attachment or internet download) you require.
  • For statistical purposes we require your faculty affiliatiion.


TAD orders using ixtheo

The database ixtheo, created by the library's own theological department, provides an elegant means of searching for specific articles and ordering them directly via TAD. This is only available using the German version.


Under each article displayed in the database you will find a TAD link. When you click on this, the order form will appear already filled out with the bibliographical information. You only have to add your name and email address and choose the format and delivery method. 


How and when will the articles be delivered?

Normally you will receive the article within 3 working days, though it may take longer if you have ordered an extensive article. We reserve the right to decline orders which exceed our capacities and will contact you if this is the case.


Delivery format

  • PDF (.pdf)
  • MultiPage TIFF (.tif, .tiff): 
    For this format you need a multi page TIFF viewer. 


Delivery methods

  • email attachment
  • internet download
    If you choose "internet download" you will be sent a link which will take you to your article.  


Please note:

Due to copyright law we are required to delete your article after two weeks, even if you have not downloaded it.

We will send you an email if we cannot fulfill your order. (The requested volume may temporarily be unavailable.)  


Please direct your enquiries to: 

TAD - Tübinger Aufsatzdienst
Alexandra Escher
Tel.: 29-72833


Have you already heard about our related service TAD-edu ?



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