Specialised Information Service in Theology (Fachinformationsdienst [FID] Theologie)

As the German Research Council (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG) began supporting ways of supplying literature at a national level, the Special Collection in Theology (Sondersammelgebiet [SSG] Theologie) was transformed in 2015 into the Specialised Information Service in Theology (Fachinformationsdienst [FID] Theologie).


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General goals of the Specialised Information Service Program

  • To provide a faster and a more direct access to special literature and research information which cannot be offered at every institution to the same extent and in the same concentrated manner.
  • To complement local information structures with services for special needs, e.g. by setting up and maintaining user-friendly reference and research systems.
  • To accommodate the research interests and needs of the various subjects.


    More information on the Specialised Information Service Program (in German).

    Tasks of the Specialised Information Service in Theology (2015-2017)

    1. Bibliography :: IxTheo


    The Specialised Information Service in Theology produces a comprehensive bibliography in theology. The search system is based on modern techniques and provides direct access to electronically available literature.


      • Comprehensive and systematic references to monographs
      • Includes a selection of review journals
      • References to all the relevant databases
      • Integrates free electronic journals and digital content
      • The range of analysed journals is extended from 600 to approx. 1000 journals


      Index Theologicus



      2. Collection Guidelines


      The primary task of the Specialised Information Service in Theology is to provide the bibliography. In addition, it continues to build up and maintain a wide collection of theological literature, thus remaining the library of choice (or of “last resort”) in this academic field for other institutions. Both tasks are managed in a transparent way. The collection includes the following:


      • Journals
      • Compilations: thematic collections of articles, commemorative volumens and congress proceedings
      • Monographs of selected collections and series
      • User-driven purchases (PDA)
      • Licensing of scientific databases
      • Aggregated content


      3. Open Access


      The Specialised Information Service in Theology supports the publication of and access to theological literature through a field repository for republications and a journal publication system.


      • Field repository for republications
      • Supply and support of a journal publication system OJS
        IxTheo :: Open Journals 


      4. Digitalisation and Indexing


      The Specialised Information Service in Theology offers added value through the digitalisation and retrospective indexing of theological journals.


      • Preparation of an application to the DFG to support the retrospective digitalisation and indexing of theological journals of the 20th century.




      The digitalised publications in DigiTheo are integrated in the new IxTheo.




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