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In October 2010 the University of Tuebingen formed a joint faculty of Economics and Social Sciences that includes the departments of historical & cultural anthropology, educational science, political science, sociology, sports science, and the school of business and economics. At the moment more than 60 Professors do research and teach more than 5.000 students at our faculty. You are more than welcome to discover our website in order to get an impression of the great variety of teaching and research topics that our faculty offers.



Exploring numeracy trends in Africa and the Middle East, 1700 – 1970: How large was the colonial impact?

On the one hand, the Middle East and Africa are crucial world regions from a European perspective: Trade, migration, the exchange of ideas but also wars and colonial activities characterized the relationship. On the other hand, in...


24 h lecture: 21st of June, 7 p.m. - 22nd of June, 7 p.m. , Kupferbau HS 21

21th of June, 7 p.m. Wilhelm Kohler: Staatswelle USA; 22.6., 3.00 a.m. Christian Manger: Serkan or Tobias? Field studies on ethnic discrimination in the labour market; 12:00 o'clock Dominik Papies YouTube, Spotify & Co:...


Ehemaliger Wirtschaftsminister wird Honorarprofessor an der Universität Tübingen

Anerkennung für langjähriges Engagement von Helmut Haussmann für den Fachbereich Wirtschaftswissenschaft


Teach@Tübingen scholarship program: Apply until June 20

As part of the Excellence Initiative, the aim of the Teach@Tübingen program is to give young international academics the opportunity to become familiar with research and teaching at a German university, and thereby to expand the...


Gastvortrag: Libanon und Syrien Kriege und kein Ende?

Dirk Kunze (Leiter der Friedrich-Naumann-Stiftung in Beirut,) am Freitag, den 08.06.2018 um 18:15 h im Großen Senat


Erneut Spitzenplatzierungen im CHE-Ranking

Politikwissenschaft und Sportwissenschaft deutschlandweit in der Spitzengruppe!


Junge Lehrkräfte bestmöglich fördern

Studien der Universitäten Tübingen und Freiburg untersuchen berufliche Entwicklung angehender Lehrerinnen und Lehrer


Virtuelle Ausstellung "Bedrohte Ordnungen. Krisen anders denken"

Ausstellung präsentiert Forschungsergebnisse des SFB 923 "Bedrohte Ordnungen"


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