Welcome to the Department of Sociology


Founded about 50 years ago by the renown sociologist Ralf Dahrendorf, the Department of Sociology has meanwhile turned into a modern center of sociological teaching and research. Three chairs and three assistant and associate professors are dedicated to empirical research on current issues of modern societies in the areas of employment, education, gender, migration, knowledge and technology.


There are course programs available for Bachelor and Master degrees in sociology. A core feature of these courses is teaching a broad variety of both qualitative and quantitative methods of empirical social research. Equipped with these indispensable qualifications, our alumni find their ways into challenging careers in business, administration and research.


Apart from the library, the departments CATI-Lab, computer pool and video lab allow both for an up-to-date training in social science methods and for advanced empirical research programs. An extended student tutoring program, small courses and high standards in presentation technologies support students in their endeavor of "making the grade" just-in-time. Being situated right beside the university library and the cafeteria the department of sociology offers student life with "campus feeling".



Berufspodium: Praxisgespräch Soziale Berufe

Am 18. Januar 2018 findet das Berufspodium zum The


Weihnachtsbuchempfehlungen des Instituts

Die Weihnachts- und Winterzeit ist ideal, um es si


WiSo-Berufswege Veranstaltungen Dezember 2017 - März 2018

Oben die Übersicht über die Berufswege Veranst



Auch für den kommenden Bewilligungszeitraum (SoSe


WiSo Berufswege-Veranstaltungen November 2017

Informationen über diverse Berufsfelder und aus de


Schlüsselqualifikationen (Modul B7): Angebot und Anrechnung im WiSe 2017/18

Neben dem Angebot an Veranstaltungen im Modul für

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