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Spiegel editor Lukas Eberle visits Tübingen

23.10.2017 – On Monday, 23 October 2017, Lukas Eberle, former student und current Spiegel editor, visited the Institute of Sports Science. The reason for his visit in Tübingen [...] more



Two PhDs in Sports Economics awarded

12.09.2017 – In July and September, two PhD students successfully completed their PhD projects in sports economics. On July 14th, Ute Schüttoff defended her thesis [...] more



Research findings discussed in Planet Football Report

13.07.2017 – One of the essential questions facing sports organisations today is how to grow in an increasingly competitive and globalised market place while, at the same time [...] more



Master belongs to the Top 20 programs in sport management

26.05.2017 – The Master in Sports Science with profile Sport Management at the University of Tübingen could continuously improve its position during recent years in the global [...] more



International guest lectures by leading sports economists

19.05.2017 – With the beginning of the summer term two distinguished sports economists from the USA and Switzerland presented their research in Tuebingen. On Wednesday [...] more


Behavioural economics of competitive balance

10.04.17 – Despite the prominence and relevance of the uncertainty of outcome hypothesis (UOH) for professional sports in general and league management in particular [...] more



The demand for licensed merchandise in sports

07.04.2017 – Nowadays licensed sports products not only help strengthening the (emotional) ties between professional sport teams and fans, but also generate significant [...] more



Seasonal variation in sports participation

05.04.2017 – The World Health Organization (WHO) established guidelines for physical activity to generate positive health effects. Core elements in this regard [...] more


New Study: US Demand for International Football Telecasts

17.01.2017 – Since the nomination of the United States as hosts of the 1994 FIFA World Cup, the country’s attachment to football (soccer), and the US football market [...] more



Sports participation and social capital formation

01.12.2016 – National and international policies claim, that various beneficial effect are associated with sports participation, including the formation of social capital. In contrast to this [...] more



Values – Students in discussion with elite sport actors

02.11.2016 – In times of major challenges and crises around the globe, it is often argued that society should remember and rely on its values. Such statements give some impetus [...] more



ARD Forum Sport – Integration in and through sports

26.10.2016 – On 12th October, a top-class discussion panel met during the 4th edition of the “ARD Forum Sport” in the facilities of the German broadcaster BR. After [...] more



Social Media Communication – Project with Bundesliga Club

20.09.2016 – A research based consultancy project was recently completed by the Department for Sport Economics, Sport Management and Media Research on behalf of the [...] more



Can sport help to meet the Millennium Development Goals?

22.08.2016 – Policy makers have traditionally embraced the role of sport in providing health and social benefits for both, adults and children – becoming manifest for instance in the [...] more



Tübingen / Tokyo – International Sports Management Certificate

02.08.2016 – A new cooperation between the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences in Tübingen and the Graduate School of Business at the Rikkyo University offers the opportunity [...] more



Social Media Communication in Sports

25.07.2016 – On July 8, 2016 the second Social Media and Sports Day took place at the Institute of Sports Science in Tübingen. Overall, 19 speakers from [...] more



Handbook on Sport Economics

05.07.2016 – The increasing economic significance of sports as well as the numerous peculiarities with regard to the management of both, professional and grassroots sports, formed the [...] more



Interviews in FAZ, Focus Online and Deutschlandfunk

10.06.2016 – During the recent months, several interviews on various issues related to current research topics were given by department team members in different outlets, such as [...] more



Sport Economists from eight countries visit Tübingen

25.05.2016 – Organized by the Institute of Sports Science, overall four international events were held in Tübingen within three days. Between 13th and 14th of May 2016, the [...] more



DFG and SNF Grants for Project in Sport Economics

18.11.2015 – Researchers of the Universities of Tuebingen (Tim Pawlowski) and St. Gallen (Michael Lechner) successfully applied for a grant provided by the German Research Foundation [...] more



3rd ARD Forum Sport – Financing High Performance Sport

12.10.2015 – Last Wednesday various experts discussed the future of financing High Performance Sport in Germany during the 3rd “ARD Forum Sport” in Hamburg. After welcome speeches [...] more



"Same, same – but different!" – PR media use in sports

01.10.2015 – Nowadays, organizations around the globe have numerous avenues to share information with their target groups and communicate directly without any intermediaries such as [...] more



Media Relations in the Bundesliga – Interview on WDR Radio

18.08.2015 – Before the Bundesliga season’s opening the radio station WDR 3 has reported about media activities in professional football. In the interview [...] more



Challenges in Sport Management – Interviews on SWR Radio

22.06.2015 – The German radio station SWR reported recently about current challenges and problems in the context of sport management. On 13th June they focused on [...] more



Willingness-to-Pay for suspense in sports

16.06.2015 – The economics literature related to the uncertainty of outcome hypothesis reopens the discussion of whether the fans’ perceptions of competitive balance [...] more



9th edition of Sports Magazine SportSirene available

15.06.2015 – Besides performance or success, control and power are also closely related to and connected with sports in general. The 9th edition of the magazine SportSirene takes [...] more



Social Media and Sports Day

05.06.2015 – Last Friday, students successfully organized the Social Media and Sports Day at the Institute of Sports Science in Tuebingen. The conference was characterized by [...] more



International guest lectures

12.05.2015 – After the guest talks provided by Professor Samantha Thomas (University of Wollongong, Australia) and Dr. Paul Downward (Loughborough University, GB) two further [...] more



Olympic Games 2024: Case Study Competition launched

29.04.2015 – An International Case Study Competition on Strategic Sport Management (seminar organization in Tuebingen: Professor Tim Pawlowski) started this semester in [...] more



Championship (un)certainty and stadium attendance

23.03.2015 – Despite the first home defeat of the season, Bayern Munich is still dominating the German Bundesliga. Accordingly, there is an ongoing debate about [...] more



DLV Convention "Athletics – area of experiences for live"

16.03.2015 – On March 14th, Dr. Marcel Fahrner was invited by the German Athletics Association (DLV), to contribute to the DLV Convention „Athletics – area of experiences for live“. [...] more



FIFA Research Grant for Project in Sport Economics

21.01.2015 – Georgios Nalbantis and Tim Pawlowski successfully applied for a research grant provided by the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) [...] more



Social Media and Sport – Study program on German TV

14.01.2015 – The German TV station WDR has reported about the Bachelor study program Sport Media Research in "sport inside" [...] more



Visit by Leading Researchers at IfS in January

14.01.2015 – With the beginning of the new year, two of the most renowned Sports Economists have visited the Institute of Sports Science for [...] more



Panel discussion at UNICEF Conference in Rio

08.12.2014 – Last Tuesday (02.12.14) Tim Pawlowski represented the IfS at the first ‘Vamos Jogar‘ Conference in Rio de Janeiro as guest speaker invited by [...] more



Students co-organized the 2nd ARD Forum Sport

09.10.2014 – On Wednesday at the ARD Forum Sport a top-class podium discussed two fundamental questions regarding the German Sports system – moderated by [...] more



New publication

25.08.2014 – Today, club competitions of the major team sports such as football, basketball, handball, volleyball and ice hockey, are organized in professional sport leagues. From an [...] more



Prof. Pawlowski holds lecture courses Empirical Methods

12.05.2014 – As part of the lecture courses of the Competence Center Empirical Methods Prof. Dr. Tim Pawlowski will hold two lectures on " Parametric and semi-parametric [...] more



Guest lectures Benjamin Schmedes and Paul Downward

07.05.2014 – The Department I for Sport Economics , Sport Management and Media Research will host in June 2014 two guest lectures. On 04.06.2014 Benjamin Schmedes [...] more



Prof. Pawlowski presents research results at UEFA HQ

23.01.2014 - On 23rd January, Prof. Pawlowski presented recent research to UEFA managers at UEFA headquarters in Nyon. more