The Bachelor and Master Degree courses at the Institute of Media Studies (IfM) closely interlink theory and practice, media competence and reflectivity, method skills and current research.

It covers the entire media spectrum

The backbone of the Institute is created by closely linked chairs that cover the entire media spectrum from print and online media, radio, film and TV, media change and media innovation to advertising, marketing and corporate communication. There is a close interdisciplinary orientation behind research and teaching. The production and reception of media content are handled from technical and economic, political, social, psychological and aesthetic aspects. Tübingen's scientists play a key role in international discourse, and maintain numerous contacts in media and communication studies and research institutes. The courses at the University of Tübingen are also in great demand elsewhere, outside the world of media studies.

Theory and practice "at eye level"

If you decide to study media at Tübingen, you will encounter a highly motivated form of research that is aimed at illuminating the laws of the media world and decoding current trends in journalism, advertising and the film and TV industries. Practice and theory are on an equal par. Writing and interview training, TV and radio seminars, exercises in digital media design and production management provide you with important tools, and contacts with practitioners provide you with valuable insights into potential areas of occupation.


You will find all the information you need about your course on the following pages. You will meet the lecturers, learn more about search and course content, and find out how to apply.


Radio Micro-Europa: Sendung (150) „Fake News“ (Studio Talk) am Sonntag, den 21. Januar 2017 von 12 bis 13 Uhr im Freien Radio Wüste Welle 96,6 – Kabel: 97,45 Mhz, auch als Live Stream im Internet

Der Link zum Anhören im Internet: http://vergil.uni-tuebingen.de/microeuropa/ www.micro-europa.de/ Moderation: Julian Scherer Studiogäste: Martin Giesler und TeilnehmerInnen des Workshops „Fake News“ im Rahmen des...


Studentische Hilfskräfte gesucht

Der Arbeitsbereich von Herrn Prof. Zurstiege sucht ab sofort zwei studentische Hilfskräfte Ihre Aufgabe: Recherche in einschlägigen Datenbanken nach vorgegebenen Themen, Einpflege der Ergebnisse in Endnote Ihr Profil: Sehr...


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