In its research and course programme, the section of Chinese Studies at Tuebingen University addresses a broad spectrum of topics related to historical and present day China, particularly in the areas of the history of science and technology, the history of ideas and ideologies, as well as politics and society. It concentrates specifically on China from the Qing period to the present. The section works in close cooperation with other Asian Studies sections at Tuebingen University (Japanese Studies, Korean Studies and Indology) as part of the Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies (AOI) established in 2008.


Consecutive bachelor and master degree are offered in Chinese Studies; alternatively, students can participate in joint degree programmes combining International Economics and Chinese Studies or International Business Administration and Chinese Studies. In cooperation with the department of Japanese Studies and the institutes of Political Science and Sociology, an interdisciplinary master’s degree in East Asian Politics and Society can also be pursued.


The Chinese Studies programme in Tuebingen offers a number of highly unique opportunities, some of which are singular in nature for the whole of Germany and Europe. These include the European Centre for Chinese Studies at Beijing University (ECCS), founded in 2001, and the European Research Center on Contemporary Taiwan (ERCCT), founded in 2008. The ECCS gives students the opportunity to complete their 4th semester in the PR China under the guidance of a faculty member from Tuebingen. This integrated semester abroad is a mandatory component of students’ course work. The ERCCT, in turn, offers master’s and doctoral students a platform to prepare for their field work in Taiwan. An additional opportunity, unique throughout Europe, is the Chair for Greater China, created in 2003, which promotes comparative research involving the PR China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, as well as the Chinese diaspora.


Regular lectures are held on topics in the field of Chinese Studies – e.g. in the Greater China Colloquium – where external speakers from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the USA or Europe are invited to present their work. Students may also participate in designated courses at the Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies in the Faculty of Cultural Sciences.


With over 50,000 volumes, the Chinese Studies library at Tuebingen University contains a comprehensive collection of primary and secondary literature in its area. The monographs and periodicals in the library are supplemented by the China-related holdings of the central university library as well as numerous online collections of literature and other source materials.



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