Faculty of Humanities

Welcome to the Faculty of Humanities

On October 1st in 2010 the Faculty of Humanities was founded by merging the former Faculties of History and Philosophy, Modern Languages and Cultural Anthropology. Being divided into five departments the Faculty contains almost every Humanities Institute and Professorship of the University. As before, the Institutes remain principle contact when it comes to specialized issues.

Today's Faculty complies essentially with the former Faculty of Humanities which was established 1477, the founding year of the University, and existed until 1970. The joint Dean's office is now in Keplerstr. 2, 2nd floor. The former Dean's offices of History and Philosophy (Sigwartstr. 12) as well as of Cultural Anthropology (Hölderlinstr. 19) moved in February 2011.

For current phone numbers and locations please click on Dean's office.

All tasks, the previous examinations offices were in charge of, had been directed to the joint examination office of the Faculty of Humanities on October 1st 2010. It is also located at Keplerstr. 2 on the 2nd floor.

Opening hours and contact persons can be found here.

Apart from the different locations students won't be affected by any changes; all study- and exams regulations remain in force; consultation on examinations will be continued unaffectedly. In case of problems or questions please contact the Dean's office or the Dean directly.

Questions regarding your studies will be answered by the respective Department or by the examination office.