Felix Wichmann

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Group Leader

In my research I investigate perceptual processes from the level of simple artificial stimuli up to complex object and scene perception, combining psychophysical experiments and computational modeling. Currently I have three main research foci: First, to develop a computationally efficient, image-based model of early spatial vision. Second, to uncover the critical features observers use in complex perceptual tasks. Third, I explore synergies between machine learning and psychophysics in categorization and, recently, causality.


Silke Gramer

E-Mail, Phone: +49 7071 29 70420, Contact

Uli Wannek

E-Mail, CV,  Phone: +49 7071 29 70580
Senior Research Scientist
Accurate measurements need an accurate experimental setup and precise control devices as well as reliable software. My interest is precision psychophysics and so I administer our pool of fine instruments and servers, help improving our psychophysics lab, and then am able to perform exciting experiments.




David Janssen

E-Mail,  CV, Phone: +49 7071 29 70581
PhD student @ NIP since 12/2012


Information flows through the neurons in our brain in highly distributed, complex patterns, but how do these patterns come into existence? Surely neurons follow simple strategies using local information to find their niche in the marketplace of information that is our brain. And what better place to start investigating this behavior than at a point where we actually know exactly what the input to those neurons is: Early Vision.

Heiko Schütt

E-Mail,  CV,  Phone: +49 7071 29 70584

PhD student @ NIP since 09/2014

I am interested in developing better quantitative tools and models to investigate human vision. We have a new toolbox for Bayesian analysis of psychometric functions online at, which is still in testing and development.
My current research focuses on making models for early vision and combining them with eye movement models. For this projekt I work together with the group of Ralf Engbert in Potsdam.



Bernhard Lang

Lab rotation student @ NIP from10/2016-02/2017
MSc student @ NIP since 02/2017

Johanna Salu

MSc student @ NIP from 02/2016-10/2016
IMPRS Bridging fund for doctoral position at the GTC since 11/2016



Carlos Medina

BSc student @ NIP since 03/2017



Robert Geirhos

BSc student @ NIP from 04/2016- 08/2016
Student research assistant @ NIP since 10/2016

Patricia Rubisch

Student assistant @ NIP since 12/2015