Course of Studies in Cognitive Science: General Overview

Cognitive Science (Bachelor)

The course of studies for the Bachelor's Degree in Cognitive Science focusses on gaining basic, broad knowledge in this highly interdisciplinary subject area. 124 ECTS points ("Leistungspunkte", in short "LP") are fixed to particular courses. Flexibility is possible due to additional 20LP in freely electable cognitive science areas and 21LP key qualification area points. A Bachelor thesis (15LP) finalizes this course of study.



A. "Pflichtmodule" - Mandatory Courses

  • Computer Science I (8 LP)
  • Computer Science II (8 LP)
  • Theoretical Computer Science (8 LP)
  • Algorithms (8 LP)
  • Mathematics I (8 LP)
  • Mathematics II (8 LP)
  • Mathematics III (8 LP)
  • Statistics (8 LP)
  • Methodologies in Psychology (3 LP)
  • Cognitive Psychology (12 LP)
  • Biological Psychology (3 LP)
  • Philosophy (6 LP)
  • Neurobiology and Physiology (6 LP)
  • Computational Neuroscience (6 LP)
  • Linguistic (12 LP)
  • Cognition (6 LP)
  • Experimental Cognitive Science (6 LP)


B. Electives

  • "Wahlpflichtmodul" Informatics - Computer Science courses (8 LP)
  • "Wahlpflichtmodul" Cognition - Cognitive Science courses (12 LP)
  • Practical Project (9 LP)
  • Key Qualifications (12 LP)
  • Bachelor thesis (Practical work and thesis 12 LP; final presentation, 3 LP) (15 LP total)


More detailed information can be found here.



Cognitive Science (Master)

The course of studies for the Master's degree in cognitive science stresses highly interdisciplinary education and high flexibility. At least 12 Leistungspunkte (LP; corresponds to ECTS points) need to be gained by enrolling in Master-level courses in the following four disciplinary areas: "Cognitive Informatics", "Cognitive Neuroscience", "Cognitive Psychology", and "Linguistics and Philosophy". 15 additional LP can be freely distributed over these areas. Another 9 LP can be achieved fully flexibly. Practical work in selective laboratories (18 LP) will deepen the knowledge and train the practical application of the gained knowledge.

A Master thesis needs to be produced in the fourth semester - proving Master-level cognitive science expertise.



More detailed information about the Master-level course of study in Cognitive Science can be found here.