Competence Center Archaeometry Baden-Wuerttemberg (CCA-BW)

Founded in 2016, the Competence Center Archaeometry Baden-Wuerttemberg (CCA-BW) has developed from the archaeometry section of the applied mineralogy work group. The CCA-BW is an interdisciplinary research center that connects material science with archaeological disciplines.


The CCA-BW research activities focus on the analysis of archaeological materials via archaeometric methods with a special emphasis on non-destructive analyses. In addition, it aims to the development of versatile and mobile analytical setups for archaeology and material science purposes, such as the surveillance of industrial processes, engineering of materials, and failure analysis.



Competence Center Archaeometry




Wilhelmstr. 56

D - 72074 Tübingen



Dr. Christoph Berthold


Deputy heads: 

Prof. Klaus G. Nickel


Prof. Klaus Bente