Inter-faculty Institute for Cell Biology (IFIZ)

The Inter-faculty Institute for Cell Biology (IFIZ) was established at the University of Tübingen in 1997. Its members are active in different fields comprising Biology, Medicine, Chemistry and Pharmacology. Two faculties support the IFIZ: the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Medicine.

Structure of the Institute

RU = Research Unit


I. Department of Molecular Biology (Prof. Nordheim)


II. Department of Immunology (Prof. Rammensee) 


III. Department of Animal Genetics (Prof. Reuter)

  • RU Reuter


IV. Proteome Center Tübingen (PCT) is a unit of the Interfaculty Institute for Cell Biology.

Entrepreneurial Activities

The Institute has been engaged in the founding of the following biotechnology companies:


Inter-faculty Institute for Cell Biology (IFIZ)


Prof. Dr. Alfred Nordheim




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