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Prof. Dr. Simon Brendle, Distinguished Guest Professor at the Department of Mathematics, wins the Fermat Prize 2017.

Since 2007 the University of Tübingen annually advertises an award for especially sustainable teaching and dedication for students. In 2017 the teaching award of the University of Tübingen is awarded to JProf. Dr. Carla Cederbaum and Dr. Stefan Keppeler from the department of mathematics. [more -- in German]

Starting from October 2017 and yearly afterwards, the Mathematics Department and the Physics Department at the University of Tübingen are jointly offering an international two year Master Program in Mathematical Physics.

During the winter term 18/19 Prof. Dr. Anna-Maria von Pippich will teach at the Department of Mathematics as a TEA Guest Professor.

Welcome to the University of Tübingen's Department of Mathematics!


Here at the Department of Mathematics, we live and breathe one of the oldest sciences of all. Both Mathematics and Physics have a long tradition in Tübingen, where they have been taught since the early 16th century. They were a faculty in their own right until 2010, and now Mathematics and Physics are Departments within the University of Tübingen's broad-based Faculty of Science.


Our working groups in Pure and Applied Mathematics cover a wide spectrum of mathematical disciplines. They carry out high-quality research and maintain excellent networks across the University as well as nationally and internationally.


More than one thousand students are currently enroled in our Department. We offer Bachelor's and Master's degree courses with a high level of flexibility. Our Mathematics teacher-training degree is also very popular with students. Doctoral studies and postdoctoral lecture qualifications are available in all the branches of Mathematics represented in our Department. We also provide Mathematics classes to supplement studies in other subjects.


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Professor Dr. Christian Hainzl, Head of the Department

Exhibition "Mind and Shape"

The permanent exhibition opens a window to the world of mathematics. It is of interest to both mathematicians and a general audience without mathematical expertise. [more -- in German]


Department of Mathematics

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