Group Members

Dr. Kerstin Seeger

Licensed Pharmacist, Dipl.-Pharm.



Dr. Kerstin Seeger obtained her Diploma and PhD in Pharmaceutical Biology under supervision of Prof. L. Heide. She is the coordinator of the Certificate Course “Clinical Pharmacy” and a member of the Concept Team of the new course “Pharmacy in Development Cooperation and Disaster Relief”. Her research concerns the prevalence of substandard and falsified medicines in developing countries.

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Christine Häfele-Abah


Licensed Pharmacist, MSc International Health



Christine Häfele-Abah studied pharmacy at Tübingen University and obtained a Master of Science in International Health (tropEd). For more than 10 years, she worked with the German Medical Aid Organization “action medeor” on quality assurance of medicines and on implementation of pharmaceutical projects in developing countries. She is the coordinator of the course “Pharmacy in Developing Cooperation and Disaster Relief”.

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Emmanuel Wemakor




After completing a five year professional training as agriculturist and agricultural economist in Germany, Emmanuel Wemakor joined the Department of Pharmaceutical Biology in 1983. He was involved in teaching and research activities related to medicinal plants, e.g.  in a project on the potential of Artemisia annua L. against malaria in the tropics. He obtained additional training in the field of natural product chemistry, analytical chemistry (especially high-performance liquid chromatography), microbiology and molecular biology, and contributed to a number of scientific publications on drug discovery from natural products. He now joined Prof. Heide’s new teaching and research focus on Pharmaceutical Challenges in Developing Countries and in Disaster Relief.

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Felix Khuluza

Licensed Pharmacist, Master in Health Economics



Felix Khuluza works on the quality of medicines, and the occurrence of falsified medicines, in Malawi, as part if his PhD course at the Pharmacy Department, University of Malawi. His supervisers are Prof. Lutz Heide (University of Malawi and Tuebignen University, Germany) and Prof. Ulrike Holzgrabe (University of Würzburg, Germany). Felix Khuluza has completed an education as pharmacy technician at the Malawi College of Health Sciences, and as Bachelor of Pharmacy at the University of Malawi. He obtained a Master’s in Health Economics in the University of Queensland, Australia. He is supported by a scholarship from the Consortium for Advanced Research Training in Africa (CARTA).


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Simon Schäfermann

Licensed Pharmacist



Simon Schäfermann studied Pharmacy at the Julius-Maximilian-University Würzburg. During his internship year (Pharmazeut im Praktikum) he worked in the hospital pharmacy of the Juliusspital and in the St.Georgs-Apotheke, Würzburg. He obtained his license (Approbation) in July 2016 and subsequently worked in a pharmacy. In January 2017, he started his PhD under supervision of Prof. Lutz Heide in on “Anti-Infective Medicines in Africa: Availability, Quality, and Detection of Falsified Medicines“. His research combines methods of pharmaceutical analysis and pharmaceutics.

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Cathrin Hauk

Licensed Pharmacist



Cathrin Hauk studied pharmacy at Tübingen University and subsequently entered the Master course of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technologies. In 2013, she worked in a sustainable development project in Ireland, and in 2016 she participated in a two-months field trip organized by the Brazil Center of Tübingen University. After taking part in the course „Pharmacy in development cooperation and disaster relief“ she started her Master research project on “Analytical methods for the investigation of the quality of antibiotic medicines from health care facilities in Africa” in November 2016, and submitted her thesis end of April 2017.

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Nhomsai Hagen

Licensed pharmacist

Nhomsai Hagen studied pharmacy at the Martin-Luther University in Halle/Saale. During her internship year (Pharmazeutin im Praktikum) she worked in the hospital pharmacy of the Diakonie-Klinikum in Schwäbisch Hall. She obtained her license (Approbation) in May 2014 and subsequently worked in a pharmacy. She is a member of "Apotheker ohne Grenzen” (Pharmacists without Borders) and travelled to the Philippines for a mission in February 2017. After taking part in the course „Pharmacy in development cooperation and disaster relief “ at the University of Tübingen, she started her PhD project on the quality and availability of medicines in developing countries  under supervision of Prof. Dr. Lutz Heide. Her focus is on medicines for maternal and child health in Africa.