Institute for Theoretical Physics


Prof. Dr. Sabine Andergassen  -  Quantum Many-Body Theory



Prof. Dr. Matthias Bethge  -  Computational Neuroscience



Prof. Dr. Daniel Braun  -  Theoretical Quantum Optics



Prof. Dr. Barbara Jäger  -  Theoretical High Energy Physics



Prof. Dr. Hugo Reinhardt  -  Quantum Field Theory



Prof. Dr. Roland Roth  -  Statistical Physics of Soft Matters



Prof. Dr. Nils Schopohl  -  Theoretical Solid State Physics



Prof. Dr. Werner Vogelsang  -  Theoretical Nuclear and Particle Physics




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Postal Address:

Auf der Morgenstelle 14

72076 Tübingen


Head of Department:

Prof. Dr. Roland Roth


Deputy Head:

Prof. Dr. Werner Vogelsang


Executive Office:

apl. Prof. Dr. Thomas Gutsche