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Psychology in Tübingen has a strong scientific orientation in both research and teaching. Cognitive psychology not only is the common link for all basic disciplines but also employs a broad methodological approach. Research in the basic disciplines focuses on perception, language, executive functions, numerical cognition, and temporal cognition, as well as on social communication and interaction processes. The applied disciplines include clinical, organizational, school, and knowledge media psychology. The numerous research activities in Tübingen are embedded in an interdisciplinary environment. At present, about 700 students study Psychology in Tübingen. In the winter term of each year, about 120 freshmen are enrolled in the Psychology B.Sc. program. Beginning with the winter term 2011/12, it is also possible to enroll in the M.Sc. program in Psychology. The Department of Psychology also contributes to the B.Sc. program in Cognitive Science, which enrolls approximately 40 students each year. If you are interested in studying Psychology at Tübingen, an overview of the B.Sc. program as well as information about the application procedure is provided here.


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