Faculty Council

The Faculty Council maintains a position of fundamental significance and is to be consulted on any matter concerning the faculty. It relays its opinion on appointment nominations and has to agree on important matters for the faculty, for instance amendments to examination and study regulations.

The Faculty Council comprises the Executive Board of the Faculty, the Equal Opportunities Commissioner, the Speakers for the Departments and the elected representatives of the professors, staff, and students from the eight individual departments. The Faculty Council is elected for the term of office starting from 1st October 2010 and ending on 30th September 2016.


Meeting dates


Agendas and journals of the meetings you can find in the internal area (access through the intranet of the university).


WS 2016/2017

Members of the Faculty Council

Faculty's Directorate

DeanProf. Dr. Wolfgang Rosenstiel
Vice Dean, Deputy DeanProf. Dr. Josef Jochum 
Vice Dean ResearchProf. Dr. Thilo Stehle
Vice Dean Studies and TeachingHon.-Prof. Dr. Joachim Ostwald

Department's Speaker with right to vote

1. Speaker Dep. I Biology


Prof. Dr. Gerd Jürgens

Prof. Dr. Oliver Bossdorf

2. Speaker Dep. II Chemistry


Prof. Dr. Holger Bettinger

Prof. Dr. Udo Weimar

3. Speaker Dep. III Geoscience


Prof. Dr. Ronald Schönberg

Prof. Dr. Thomas Scholten

4. Speaker Dep. VII Physics


Prof. Dr. Martin Oettel

Prof. Dr. Andrea Santangelo

5. Speaker Dep. VIII Psychology


Prof. Dr. Christoph Nürk

Prof. Dr. Hartmut Leuthold

Department's Speaker without right to vote

1. Speaker Dep. IV Computer Science


Prof. Dr. Hendrik Lensch

Prof. Dr. Oliver Bringmann

2. Speaker Dep. V Mathematics


Prof. Dr. Christian Hainzl

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Hausen

3. Speaker Dep. VI Pharmacy & Biochemistry


Prof. Dr. Lutz Heide

Prof. Dr. Robert Feil

Professors due to elections

1. Dep. V MathematicsProf. Dr. Stefan Teufel
2. Dep. V MathematicsProf. Dr. Hannah Markwig
3. Dep. VII PhysicsProf. Dr. Daniel Braun
4. Dep. IV Computer ScienceProf. Dr. Thomas Walter
5. Dep. I BiologyProf. Dr. Alfred Nordheim
1. Dep. VII PhysicsProf. Dr. Werner Vogelsang
2. Dep. VI Pharmacy & BiochemistryProf. Dr. Rolf Daniels
3. Dep. II ChemistryProf. Dr. Doris Kunz
4. Dep. VI Pharmacy & BiochemistryProf. Dr. Ralf-Peter Jansen
5. Dep. VIII PsychologyProf. Dr. Martin Hautzinger

Equal opportunity Commissioner

Dep. I Biology

Deputy Dep. I Biology

Prof. Dr. Katharina Foerster

Dr. Annette Denzinger

Academic Staff

1. Dep. V MathematicsDr. Lars Schneider
2. Dep. VII PhysicsDr. Günter Lang
3. Dep. VIII PsychologyDr. Verena Seibold
1. Dep. I BiologieApl.-Prof. Dr. Peter Pilz
2. Dep. VI Pharmazie & BiochemieDr. Klaus Möschel
3. Dep. II ChemieDr. Klaus Eichele


1. Dep. V MathematicsLena Braun
2. Dep. II ChemistryPatrick Moritz
3. Dep. VII PhysicsBenedikt Wilde
4. Dep. VIII PsychologyKristina Schopf
5. Dep. IV Computer ScienceRoman Schulte

1. Dep. III Geoscience

Katharina Müller
2. Dep. VI PharmacyChristina Hiller

Members of the Postgraduate Convent without right to vote

Dep. I BiologyRoland Fritsch
Deputy Dep. IV Computer ScienceFlorian Heimgärtner

Further Staff

1. Dep. VII PhysicsSusanne Hempel
2. Dep. VII PhysicsRalf Stiefel
3. Dep. II ChemistryBettina Kappler
1. Dep. VII PhysicsEva Lohmann
2. Dep. IV Computer ScienceGülsen Ergün-Karagkiozidou
3. Dep. IV Computer ScienceClaudia Walter