Accommodation for PhD students

The Welcome Center of Tuebingen University assists international PhD students in finding accommodation. Since we receive so many inquiries we can unfortunately only offer housing for a maximum period of six months. This period shall help to gain a foothold in Tuebingen, to orientate oneself and to actively search for housing. Please do not understand our service as a guarantee that we can provide housing to you in any case as our housing supply is quite limited.


On this webpage you will find many tips and information to help you with your efforts to find private accommodation in Tuebingen and its surroundings!


Halls of residence

Student halls of residence

As a PhD student you can apply for a room in the main student halls of residence. These rooms are usually assigned at the beginning of each semester. Rental agreements are often established for the length of one semester.
You can hand in your application at any time. In order to apply for a room you need to be enrolled as a student at the University of Tuebingen.

Private halls of residence

Apart from the university halls of residencé, there are a number of private residence halls in Tuebingen. Some of these are operated by private initiatives and others by churches. These halls of residence have their own admission requirements. Application procedures may differ widely.  You can find a list of all private student residence halls under the headline “Wohnheime anderer Träger” here.