Advisory Course

Advisory Programme
 - How to study at Tübingen University -
 for international students at Tübingen University


Winter term 2014
October 8th - October 11th 2014

 Just arrived in Tübingen?

You have just arrived in Tübingen to study here? Everything is quite new and a bit strange?
 Then join us at the Beratungskurs for International Students, an advisory programme especially designed for you!

In groups (so-called 'Tutorien') we will give you a survey on studying and living in Tübingen.


- Studying at Tübingen University (lectures, courses, presentations, exams)
 - Tour of the campus (libraries, canteens, faculties)
 - Help with registration (health insurance, township registration, bank account)
 - Special advice on studying by advisers of the faculties
 - Individual advice on how to organise your timetable
 - Guided tour of Tübingen
 - Life in Tübingen: shopping, going out and partying, sports, phoning, going out for meals… 

Last but not least you will meet many people, as you have the possibility of going out with your group every night in order to get to know Tübingen's nightlife. 

 At our party on the last day of the programme all participants will celebrate the beginning of their time in Tübingen.


Here's a short survey on the Beratungskurs' programme. 
 You will get a detailed programme (party plan included) when you register. 

- Registration from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, Brechtbau, Wilhelmstraße 50
 - Official Welcome at 2 pm, Alte Archäologie Wilhelmstr. 9 
  - Afterwards: Tutorium till 5 pm 

 9 am - noon: accompanied tours through the campus
 2 pm - 5 pm : tutorial

10 am - noon: course advisement
2 pm - 5 pm : tutorial

 Late morning: guided tour through Tübingen
 Party at 7:30 pm, Schlosscafé, Burgsteige 7, just below the Castle

The places will be notified later. 


You do not have to register in advance. For registration just visit us on the first day of the course. 

Registration takes place
Wednesday, October 8th 2014
from 10 am to 1 pm

At Brecht-Bau (Wilhelmstr. 50) Room 27


Taking part at the advisory programme costs 15 €
 Please bring the money (in cash) along when you register. 

Language Courses

It's unfortunately not possible to register for a language course during the Beratungskurs! But we help you finding out.

 Further information

For further information on the course do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail:

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

The team




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