CSC-Tübingen PhD program - Projects

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Faculty of Science:

  • Project 1: Controlling charge transfer in organic solar cell materials, Prof. Dr. Frank Schreiber, Jun.-Prof. Dr. Katharina Broch  Details
  • Project 2: Deep neural networks for robot 3D vision, Prof. Dr. Andreas Zell  Details
  • Project 3: Electromagnetic properties of superconducting terahertz emitters, Prof. Dr. Reinhold Kleiner, Prof. Dr. Dieter Kölle  Details
  • Project 4: Exhumation of (U)HP rocks in extensional environments, Prof. Dr. Paul D. Bons  Details
  • Project 5: Eye Tracking / Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality / Machine Learning / Computer Vision, Jun.-Prof. Dr. Enkelejda Kasneci, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Rosenstiel  Details
  • Project 6: Protein Biophysics: Real-time study of protein crystallization, Prof. Dr. Frank Schreiber Details
  • Project 7: Soils, climate change, vegetation and land-use feedbacks on the Tibetan Plateau, Prof. Dr. Thomas Scholten  Details
  • Project 8: Thin film growth with anisotropic particles, Prof. Dr. Martin Oettel, Prof. Dr. Frank Schreiber  Details


Faculty of Humanities

  • Project 9: An Exploration of the Aesthetic Value of Johann Sebastian Bach’s Instrumental Compositions in Modern and Contemporary China from the Perspective of Reception Aesthetics, Prof.  Dr. Thomas Schipperges, Jun.-Prof.  Dr. Matthew Gardner  Details
  • Project 10: Chinese Studies, Late Imperial History (1500–early 20th century), Junior Professor Dr. Huang Fei and Prof. Dr. Achim Mittag  Details
  • Project 11: The Roman Arch and its role as a State Monument in the 2nd century AD, Prof. Dr. Richard Posamentir  Details


Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences

  • Project 13: Ethical Value Systems of Chinese Multinational Corporations: Particularistic Versus Universalistic Approaches, Prof. Dr. Markus Pudelko, Prof. Dr. Hans-Wolf Sievert  Details
  • Project 14: Female autonomy in East Asia in long-term perspective, Prof. Dr. Jörg Baten  Details
  • Project 15: Gendered work and care arrangements, family relationships, and intergenerational transmissions, Prof. Dr. Pia Schober  Details
  • Project 16: Marketing and Data Science – Bridging the gap between new methods and applications, Prof. Dr. Dominik Papies  Details


Faculty of Law

  • Project 17: Constitutional Law – Rule of Law and Legal Culture, Prof. Dr. Martin Nettesheim  Details


For further information about each project see