Application and Admission of International Students

Current information

International applicants for the Master’s degree programs


  • All Master of Education (M.Ed.)  
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technologies
  • General Rhetoric
  • History
  • Historical and Cultural Anthropology

may apply from 1 December 2017 via Portal Alma


Online-application for

Applications for restricted-entry courses in Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy

International applicants wanting to study Medicine, Dentistry or Pharmacy in Tübingen must apply to the Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung (hochschulstart), if they are: 

  • non-Germans with German Abitur
  • EU citizens
  • citizens of Iceland, Norway, and Lichtenstein


All others apply for Medicine, Dentistry or Pharmacy at move-in-Portal

ERASMUS and Other Exchange Students

ERASMUS and other exchange students apply at Section Exchange Programs (Division III International Affairs)