Service Internationalization

In all fields of internationalization academic and non-academic staff around the university are involved.


These pages offer an overview of resources available. They are work in progress and will be continually revised. If you have suggestions for information which should be included, please do not hesitate to contact us.



For quick reference please find below a thematically ordered list of contacts for all areas of internationalization work at the University of Tübingen.



Resources – Documents

Here we will offer checklists and recommendations for various projects and processes of internationalization.


Resources for the Use of English in University Routines

Increasingly the use of English in everyday routines around the university has become standard practice. But often, even a good general knowledge of English won’t be sufficient as highly technical language and idiomatic routines are involved.


In our recommendations we point out useful resources available for working in English around the university for non-native speakers of English – which can also be useful for English native speakers looking for translations of German terminology.


Division III - International Affairs

Ursula Kimpel


 +49 7071 29 74403