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Ice Age hunters decimated mammoth populations 30,000 years ago

The Mammoth of Vogelherd Cave (found 2006): The latest research suggests that humans hunted mammoths to the point of extinction in western Europe 30,000 years ago. Photo: J. Lipták, copyright Universität Tübingen

Tübingen researchers show climate and food supplies were stable – humans caused big herbivores to die out


DFG backs new Tübingen humanities research center

Professor Gerhard Jäger, Professor Katerina Harvati. Photos: Friedhelm Albrecht/University of Tübingen

€2.7m for interdisciplinary research into early mankind, studying words, bones, genes, and tools from 30,000 to 3,000 years ago.


The retina changes its „language“ with changing brightness

When an image falls onto the retina, information is converted into neural activity and transmitted to the brain. A new study shows that this activity pattern changes whenever the brightness of the environment is changing – the language of the retina is far more complex than previously thought. Image: Thomas Münch/University Tübingen

A study at the University of Tübingen highlights the intricate nature of visual responses – findings may help to improve digital cameras as well as visual prosthetics


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