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The last of the Gomphotheres

Researchers at work in the Sonora Desert, Mexico. Photos: Susan Mentzer/University of Tübingen

Earliest humans in North America hunted now-extinct elephant-like creatures, say University of Arizona and Tübingen researchers


Glowing red in the big blue

The tropical striped triplefin Helcogramma striata is one of the most strongly fluorescent fish in the tropics. Individuals at a depth of 20m glow more than six times brighter than their relatives living above them at a depth of 5m.  Photo: Nico K. Michiels

Fluorescing fish create their own mobile red light districts – the deeper the fish, the brighter the light, say Tübingen researchers


Do not disturb! How the brain filters out distractions

Nerve cells in two brain areas important to working memory use different strategies to filter out distractions. Image: LS Tierphysiologie

Tübingen neuroscientists: brain uses varying strategies to prevent the notepad of working memory from being wiped clean


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