Nauklerstraße 35, Season 2


It's Workshop Time!

Various of the SFB 833's projects and members were also busy with hosting two workshops of their own:- C6 and A5 hosted a Workshop on "Nebensatzphänomene" from December 4th to 5th at the Fürstenzimmer. The programm can...


Welcome to our new PR Coordinator Reinhild Steinberg!

The SFB 833 is very happy to announce that a new position for public relations has been made available and that Reinhild Steinberg from project C4 will take up this job from the first of December onwards. We wish her a warm...


Plenty of SFB-Members at the Event Semantics Workshop at Stuttgart!

This year's event semantics workshop was held at the University of Stuttgart from the 19th to 21st of November. Plenty of projects presented contributions to this topic: Simone Alex-Ruf (B7): Is it motion? Using the...


C1 giving talks abroad

While being away doing fieldwork, the project C1's members have also managed to present their work across the globe, from New Zealand to Saint-Petersburg: A. Howell & V. Hohaus (October 2015), "The Samoan Particle 'o...


Welcome to the Fall Term 2015 - Here are our courses!

Time flies fast these days, as a new fall term is already starting. Here is a selection of advanced seminars members of the SFB 833 offer this time: Augurzky, Petra (B1): Prosodie- und Rhythmusverarbeitung, Tuesday...


Congratulations to A5: brand new Publication!

A5's members have edited an exciting volume called "Situationsargumente im Nominalbereich" (DeGruyter), where various other SFB 833 members have contributed: Fortmann, Christian, Anja Lübbe and Irene Rapp:...


'Tis the Season of Conference Trips: The SFB 833 giving talks abroad

Many members of the SFB 833 have been busy spreading their research all over the world. Here is a list of talks: Marion Knecht (A7) talked about "Leftward Association of English and German Focus Particles" and Sophie...

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