A5: Variable Assignment and Meaning Enrichment with Non-Finite Constructions and Other Embedded Structures

During the first and the second funding phase, the main topic of our project was the meaning constitution with participle and infinitival structures, mostly in embedded positions. Our leading question was how the semantic correlates of the missing morphological features are filled in and how the embedded non-finite structure benefits from its host. As many of our insights require a comparison with finite structures, in the third phase we will extend our view to embedded structures in general. More precisely, we will investigate the specific properties of syntactic, semantic and pragmatic embedding.


Principal Investigator:

Prof. Dr. Irene Rapp

Deutsches Seminar
Universität Tübingen
Wilhelmstr. 50, Zimmer 418
72074 Tübingen

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PD Dr. Christian Fortmann Laura Bon
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Student Assistant:

Yannick Allgaier Jonas Bozenhard Laura Eckhard Raphaela Wolman


Associated Researcher:

Prof. Dr. Angelika Wöllstein


Former member of staff:

Alexander Pfaff Anja Lübbe


Former student assistants:

Ekaterina Laptieva Aleksandar Dimitrov Tabea-Christine Junker Andrea Jach  Isabel   Trott