Workshop on Getting Published

This workshop on getting published starts with a homework assignment, in which you reflect on your own writing experience/habits and read about productive scholars’ writing habits and advice for young scholars. On the two face-to-face days in June, we start by reviewing the homework assignment, after which we will discuss several important aspects of scientific writing that are important in getting published.


We will also look into the publication process, such as when and how to select a journal (including different aspects of journal quality) and how the review process works (including writing response letters and communicating with the Editor). Note that this workshop focuses mainly on getting published in educational psychology / educational science journals. However, the general issues that are addressed are expected to be of relevance for other research areas as well.


The workshop by International Distinguished Professor Tamara van Gog will take place on June 26th 09am-04pm and June 27th 08am-12am in room 204 at Europastrasse 6.


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