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The LEAD Graduate School & Research Network at the University of Tübingen is an international, interdisciplinary research and training program on education.



25.06.2018 - From July 9-13, 2018, LEAD and the Hector Research Institute of Education Sciences and Psychology will host the 6th Tübingen Summer Series on Personality Psychology. Guest speakers include Brent Roberts, Bart Wille, Arthur Poropat, Jordan P. Davis, Lex Borghans, Trudie Schils, Patrick Hill, and Mathias Allemand. For more information, visit our events page.

21.6.2018 - Best Early Investigator Award - Tobias Appel, Christian Scharinger, Peter Gerjets and Enkelejda Kasneci were awarded for new methods of cognitive load measurement based on pupil size changes. Read more

19.06.2018 - New Open Access Publication: Aldrup, K., Klusmann, U., Lüdtke, O., Göllner, R., & Trautwein, U. (2018). Student misbehavior and teacher well-being: Testing the mediating role of the teacher-student relationship. Learning and Instruction, 58, 126-136. doi:10.1016/ j.learninstruc.2018.05.006

12.06.2018 - Congratulations to Réka Vágvölgyi on her successful defense! In her dissertation she studied the linguistic, numerical and cognitive foundations of functional illiteracy.

09.05.2018 - LEAD PhD candidate Silke Bieck receives a scholarship from the G.A.-Lienert Foundation for the promotion of young researchers in biopsychological methodology (University of Giessen) for a lab visit at the University of Kiel. Congratulations! During her stay in Kiel, she will study practical and ethical aspects of electrical brain stimulation in cognitively normally developed children, but also in children with ADHD and autism, and then apply this knowledge in educational studies.

08.05.2018 - Congratulations to Madalina Thiele née Tapalaga on her successful defense. The topic of her dissertation was the "Econometric Analysis of Educational Decisions and their Consequences."

08.05.2018 - Press release: Offering the best possible support to young teachers. Studies conducted by the Universities of Tübingen and Freiburg examine the professional development of beginning teachers.

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