Services For Students With Disabilities


Counseling Services

Our counselor works only part-time. Visit the counseling center during the posted office hours, or send an e-mail for an appointment.

We offer support for students with disabilities, including assistance with the planning and organization of courses, decisions involving the choice of an appropriate course of study and possible alternatives to a study program. Individual crisis counseling for personal matters is also available.
Community Service Worker

The Tübingen Student Union has a community service worker to provide support for students with disabilities. This service is free and available at short notice.

The community service worker can be reached by phone at 297 4409 (answering machine), or contact the counseling center.
Those who would like to apply for future openings in this community service job are encouraged to contact the counseling center.

PC Work Stations

These work stations are designed to meet the individual needs of students with disabilities.

The work stations are located in the clubhouse, next to the counseling center on the ground floor. The stations are outfitted with printers -- both regular and braille, scanners, internet connection, access to University library catalogues and a screen magnifier. Instruction on the use of these devices is available for new students.

Adjustable desks and chairs are provided to make the use of these stations as comfortable as possible. Similar work stations for students with disabilities are located in the University library and some institutes. Ask at the front desk for directions, or contact your institute's student counseling center for more information.

Equipment Rentals

This equipment can be in short supply, particularly at the start of the semester. So the university and the student union have made a selection of this equipment available for rental. Contact the counseling center for more information. Click here to see the equipment that's available.

Access to Buildings

Improvements have been made to ensure wheelchair accessibility to University buildings, although some of the University’s oldest, historical buildings are not accessible.

For more information on accessibility, contact the counseling center.

Maps of Tübingen specifically designed for people with disabilities or visual impairments are available at a cost of €2.50 each from the following locations:

  • The Bürgeramt city administration (barrier-free), Schmiedtorstr. 4 (Monday, Wednesday & Friday, 7:30am - 2pm and Tuesday & Thursday, 7:30am – 6pm ), Phone: 07071.2042020
  • The office of the coordinating committee for students with disabilities, Neustadtgasse 2, Phone: 07071.26969
  • The tourist information office at the Neckarbrücke, Phone: 07071.91360

Library Policy

Institute libraries:

Students with a disability level of at least 50 percent may borrow up to four books for up to seven days from the reference library. This will not apply to some materials; contact the library staff for more information.


University library:

Students with disabilities may, after providing identification, qualify for special conditions. For more information, contact the student services office at 07071.2972579 or library information at 07071.2972849.

Students can now access the University library catalogue via the internet:

The University library also provides specially-equipped PCs for students with disabilities. Contact the library for more information.

Access For The Visually Impaired

Study materials can be scanned into braille-equipped computers or read onto cassette tapes. This service is available on request. Contact the counseling center for more details. Students should place their orders as soon as possible, since the conversion process can take several weeks. A list of materials that have already been converted is available at the University library, or click here.

Partial Student Union Membership Fee Refund

Students must apply for this refund. The fee includes a semester bus pass issued by the city of Tübingen. Students with disabilities may qualify for an exemption from the amount designated for the pass. Applications for the exemption must be submitted at the student union office, Wilhelmstr. 15, Phone: 297.3830. Applications can also be submitted through the counseling center. Call for more information.

The Disabled Students' Association

During the academic year, the University's Disabled Students' Association meets on the second Thursday of every month. The meetings are held at the counseling center at the ground floor clubhouse, Wilhelmstraße 30. Contact the association by phone at 29 72636.

Our Mailing List

The counseling center wants to keep everyone up to date on the latest news involving our part of the University community. If you'd like to get on our mailing list, please send an e-mail to klaus.heinrich[at], and write "Mailingliste" in the subject box.