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The University of Tübingen offers a number of different services which give helpful advice to those planning to study in Tübingen as well as those already enrolled here - whether they are just beginning, are well into their studies, or are finishing their studies and planning a career. Directly below, you will find a list of these services, sorted according to the different phases of studying. Below that is a list of the relevant services.


If you are not sure who is the right contact person for you, contact the Student Counseling Service (ZSB).


Counseling Services

Before You Start

When You Start

During Your Studies

Finishing Your Studies


Advisory Services at the University of Tübingen

Student Counseling Service (ZSB)

  • Advice on general issues (e.g. selecting and structuring courses, applications, orientation for first-year students, etc.)
  • Counseling on individual studies (e.g. planning, strategies for studying, preparing for exams, dealing with  problems, switching to or from another institution, etc.)
  • Multi-disciplinary information events

Wilhelmstr. 11, 
+49 7071 29-72555

Subject-specific Counseling

  • Advice on the content and organisation of individual subjects/ courses  (each subject has one or two such counselors)
  • Recognition of credits/ for-degree coursework

Subject-specific counseling: overview

Disabled/ Chronically Ill Students

  • Advice and support for disabled/ chronically ill students with difficulties in day-to-day student life

Wilhelmstr. 30, ground level
+49 7071 29-74209

Tübingen School of Education (TüSE)

  • Advice on qualifying as teacher in Germany. 

Keplerstr. 2
+49 7071 29-77078

Advice and Admission of International Students

  • Counseling and admission for students from outside Germany

Nauklerstr. 2, ground level 
+49 7071 29-77735

Student Administration

  • Information on student matters (e.g. application, admission, initial enrollment, switching subjects or institutions, leave of absence, re-enrolling for subsequent semesters or after leave of absence, deregistering as a student, guest students, student ID, certificates for coursework, etc.)

Wilhelmstr. 11, EG +49 7071 29-74444

Admission For Students With Trade Qualification

  • Information on administrative costs, student union fees, student loans, etc.
  • Admission of applicants with trade qualification but no German high school diploma (Abitur)

Wilhelmstr. 11, 1. OG +49 7071 29-76836

Examinations Offices

  • Information on exams in individual subjects/ courses

Examinations offices: overview

Career Service

  • Advice and coaching on starting a career
  • Advice for doctoral candidates
  • Organization of Studium Professionale (professional skills)

Wilhelmstr. 9, 
+49 7071 29-77091

Writing Center

  • Advice on academic writing in German
  • Workshops and events on better writing

Nauklerstr. 2, 
+49 7071 29-76829
+49 7071 29-76830

University Library (UB)

  • Courses on academic research and literature management
  • Information on matter relevant to use of the library

Wilhelmstr. 32
+49 7071 29-72846

Language Learning Center (FSZ)

  • Beginners' and advanced courses in languages other than German (German language courses here.)


Wilhelmstr. 22
+49 7071 29-77407

IT Center (ZDV) /
Campus System

  • Introductory courses on the Online Course Catalogue (Campus)
  • Information and assistance in IT matters (e.g. E-mail addresses, logins, PC pools, WLAN access, etc.)

Wächterstr. 76
+49 7071 29-70250

Uni-Infopoint at Mensa Wilhelmstraße
(Department Academic Affairs)

  • Information and orientation for students by students
  • Where do I find...?
  • Who can help with specific questions?

Wilhelmstr. 13, Foyer
Opening hours:
Mo-Fr 10.00 - 14.00

Student Union (StuRa)

  • Representation of student interests
  • Promotion of student initiatives
  • General advice and help by student for students

Wilhelmstr. 30, 
+49 7071 29-77999

Student Councils

  • Represent student interests in the Faculties
  • Advice and help from students within each Faculty

Student Councils (Fachschaften)

Legal Service for Students (Studierendenwerk Tübingen-Hohenheim)

  • Legal advice for students regarding their studies

+49 7071 9466725

Equality and Diversity Office

  • Advice about issues related to equality, diversity, and gender

Wilhelmstr. 26
+49 7071 29-74958

Family Office

  • Counseling for students with children and/or other family duties
  • Coordination of Audit familiengerechte Hochschule

Wilhelmstr. 26
+49 7071 29-74961


External Counseling and Service for Students in Germany:


Further support institutions are listed in the brochure "StuWe Kompass" (available at the Student Counseling Service and at the Info-Point at the cafeteria (Mensa) in Wilhelmstrasse.


If you are not sure who to ask, please contact the Student Counseling Service.


Student Counseling Service

Wilhelmstr. 11,

72074 Tübingen

+49 7071 29-72555


Walk-in hours:


Mon, Wed:  2.30-4.30pm

Tues, Fri: 9-11.30am

or by appointment.


Advice by phone:

Mon-Thurs:      2-4pm