Data Privacy Request - Verification of Degree

The registrar`s office at the University of Tübingen is responsible for answering requests of data privacy. This service is provided for our students and alumni.


Requests concerning data privacy and the verification of degrees awarded by the University of Tübingen are required for many purposes – medical or legal associations, insurance companies, employers etc. To be able to answer questions of this kind we need the agreement of the person in question. Information per e-mail is not given.


Should the person in question agree with us answering the request we need an adequate document or a personal ID in order to compare the signatures. Please inform the person in question so that he/she can provide such a certificate.

The registrar`s office can only provide information about periods of memberships at the University of Tübingen and only with the consent of the person in question. Please include the following documents:


  • Name of the student
  • Beginning and ending date of the period of enrollment
  • If study time was accredited please provide proving documents
  • Permission of the student and a copy of an adequate document or personal ID in order to be able to compare the signatures


Information about the contents of study can only be provided by the examination office.


If you request a verification of a degree awarded by the University of Tübingen please include the following documents:


  • Family name, first name, maiden name
  • Degree
  • Year of graduation
  • Name and address of the company which put the question
  • In the case of further enquiry on our side a daytime phone number of the person in charge
  • Permission of the Student  


Please send your request to:


Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen

Zentrale Verwaltung


Wilhelmstraße 11

72074 Tübingen

Fax: 07071 – 2955 50