Switching programs


If you are already enrolled at the University of Tübingen and want to change your target degree, your subject, or one of your subjects (in combined degree programs) - then you will need to make an official application to change your study program. If you change programs, you do not continue with your current course of studies (unless you switch from a Bachelor’s directly into a Master’s program in the corresponding subject before you can present a Bachelor’s degree certificate). If you want to continue with your previous studies, they become a parallel degree course.


Applications and change of study program

If you aim to switch to a restricted-admission degree program, you must apply for it prior to the application deadline and obtain a new admission notice. Details at Information for applicants.


You must apply for a change of study program once you have received this new admission notice - not before. Ensure that you apply for your change of program before the date set out in your admission notice. Your application for change of program must also include your admission notice.


You do not have to apply in advance for a change of program to a subject with no special requirements for admission. You can switch to such a degree program at Student Administration by 30 September for the following winter semester and by 31 April for the following summer semester.


What you should do if changing study programs

We recommend you get advice from your desired subject’s academic counselling service. You must prove that you have attended academic counselling by your desired subject if you are in a Bachelor’s program and are seeking to switch in your third or higher semester (§ 60 paragraph (2)(5) LHG).

Template for certificate of attendance at academic counselling.

For your change of study program to be processed, Student Administration must have received all fees payable by you. Please note that bank transfers may take up to a week. If you have not re-enrolled within the mandatory re-enrollment period you will also have to pay an additional late fee.


Application for change of program

Your application will be processed by the employees of Student Administration.

You cannot switch programs for past semesters.


Switching to a second or higher semester

If you have completed assessment in your old program which may be accredited in your new one (this is the case if, e.g., you are studying a subject with the target degree Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science and seek to change to a target degree of Bachelor of Education in that same subject) - you need a certificate of accreditation when you apply to switch programs. You can find information on the switch in higher semesters in restricted-admission subjects here.


If your previous study program had no special requirements for admission, you can get the certificate of accreditation either from the subject-related counselling service or the examinations office, depending on the faculty.


Overview of subject counsellors

Overview of examinations offices

Template for certificate of accreditation


Changing your program when you are a doctoral candidate

Doctoral students may change programs any time for the current semester and, after the re-enrollment period has begun, for the following semester. The prerequisites for this are documented proof that the faculty has accepted you as a doctoral student, and a Master’s or equivalent degree.


A change of program in the current semester is valid for the entire semester. You should therefore check with your examinations office and your health insurer to find out about any consequences of the switch.


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