New in Tübingen? – How to get started!

Welcome to the University of Tübingen. To help you find your way around, you will find brochures and links for new international students at the University of Tübingen.

The brochure Welcome to the University of Tübingen (update 2017-09-20) contains information for organizing and planning your studies - with checklists, important dates, a variety of activities offered, and people who can provide advice when it comes to choosing courses.

The brochure Orientation Week Winter Semester 2018/19, October 08-19, 2018 lists orientation and introductory events taking place before the start of semester, organized both by the Departments and the University. You will find plenty of opportunities here to get in touch with other students and to familiarize yourself with how this University works. 

Both brochures will be sent out to new students together with the enrollment documents.

Brochure Orientation Week Winter Semester 2018, October 08-19, 2018

Introductory events for students from all over the world


Notes on Introductory Events and Advice for Organizing Your Studies