Press Releases


New treasures from Tutankhamun’s tomb

As part of a German-Egyptian project, archaeologists from Tübingen for the first time examine embossed gold applications from the sensational find of 1922. The motifs indicate surprising links between the Levant and the Egypt of...


Investing in the Future of Europe – The Guild’s statement on Brexit

As Brexit talks continue, it is crucial to restate the importance of joint investment in knowledge, human capital and innovation, enabled across borders by European universities. Ensuring the welfare of Europe’s economies and...


How plants decide on a pattern for a new leaf

Plant geneticist Professor Marja Timmermans in the green house with rockcress or Arabidopsis.

University of Tübingen researcher investigates the role of small RNAs in communication between cells


Tübingen archaeologists uncover cuneiform archive in Iraq’s Kurdish region

Assyrian cuneiform clay tablets as they were discovered inside a clay vessel.

93 ancient Assyrian clay tablets to yield their secrets


Carbon coating gives biochar its garden-greening power

Field experiment in Switzerland: Set-up of compost windrows from mixed manure before adding the biochar.

Geomicrobiologists from the University of Tübingen aim to elucidate mechanisms of nitrate storage during composting


New procedure enables cultivation of human brain sections in the petri dish

Human nerve cells cultivated in cerebrospinal fluid retain their structure and function after two weeks (left). Cells in the standard fluid (right) die early. Copyright: Niklas Schwarz & Henner Koch, 2017

Tübingen researchers open up new possibilities in brain tissue research