University of Tübingen profile

Photo: Bildarchiv Foto Marburg/Rose Hajdu
Neue Aula

Innovative, interdisciplinary, international: These three words summarize what makes the University of Tübingen special. Excellent research and teaching are Tübingen’s answer to the challenges of the future in a globalized world. We maintain exchanges with partners around the globe - both at institutions of higher education and at non-university research institutions. Networks and cooperation across faculty and subject boundaries are the pillars of our successful strategy. This is reflected in our good position in international rankings. In addition, we are one of the eleven German universities distinguished with the title of “excellent.”


Long traditions

The University of Tübingen, with its more than 500 years of history, is one of Germany’s oldest. Many great intellectuals have studied and worked in Tübingen - including Kepler, Hegel, Hölderlin, and Schelling. The genius loci - the spirit of the place - is now stronger than ever.


The University of Tübingen has:

  • Some 28,000 students
  • More than 330 study programs
  • 7 faculties
  • More than 500 professors
  • More than 4500 other scientists and academics


Tübingen as a location

Tübingen, located in southwestern Germany, is a university town like no other: The city has some 85,000 inhabitants. 35,000 are engaged in research, teaching, or studying. Tübingen’s medieval old town brings history to life. At the same time, many students and researchers from across Germany and around the world give Tübingen an open, cosmopolitan atmosphere. The cafés, restaurants, and shops in town invite you to spend time in these picturesque surroundings. From this town on the Neckar River there are plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities - The Black Forest and the Swabian Jura hills are not far away.